ICTD Asia is a regional workgroup comprising of, but not limited to, students, enthusiasts, academicians, technologists & other organisations whose mission/interest is to support and promote the collaborative use, application and development of Information and Communication Technologies for the global public good*.

More specifically, use, application & development of Information and Communication Technologies with a “developmental” goal in Asia.

The group provides support to contribute to existing initiatives and initiate or innovate new regional projects that serve the community.

It also serves as a common forum for improving cross-project collaboration and foster regional community development and contributions with global collaboration.


To support the use, application & development of Information and Communication Technologies that promotes human welfare and human rights and overall development of communities.


To have an active ecosystem of contributors, organisations to support & drive contributions to ICTD initiatives in the Asian region with global collaboration.


The following goals support the overall mission:

  • To encourage, contribute to and promote the development of ICTD projects.
  • To identify and create local requirements & specifications for development projects.
  • To evaluate and classify ICTD projects for the benefit of potential user groups.
  • To bridge gaps and help assure the availability of information through knowledge sharing and collaboration among various community members.
  • To promote local ICTD Asia Chapters.
  • To encourage the implementation of open standards and standards-based interoperability in ICTD projects.